The Essential Oil Whiz Book 1: An Aromatherapy Journal to Document and Test Your Favorite Recipes


A Simple Way to Formulate 100 Different Blends and Perform 100 Case Studies in One Place!

We are stoked that you chose Tsuvaughnie Burris to travel with you on this fun, life-changing journey. Our series of “Essential Oil Whiz” journals inspire creativity and deepen your love for aromatherapy.

You no longer need to worry about where you stashed that sweet, effective sleeping lavender blend because we’ve got you covered.

Book 1 of this series was designed to turn you into a scientist. Don’t just create those lovely blends. Put those babies to the test! If you try to commit things to memory, your hard work could be easily forgotten.

Let our journals store everything you need so that you can easily sort and share what works with friends and family.

Thank you for supporting our business. Our livelihood is possible because of you.