She Lives Gratitude: A Gratitude Journal for Women with Inspirational Quotes and Affirmations


Gratitude is a state of being. This quality transcends bad days and unfavorable circumstances. When you have gratitude, you look for opportunities to express appreciation, despite present conditions.

When you are grateful, you choose to linger on positive thoughts and emotions, instead of riding a train of negativity. Even in the face of trouble, a spirit of gratitude puts a soft, warm smile on your countenance that brings light to the body and others.

With this gratitude journal, our desire is to assist you in your quest to become a more thankful and light-hearted person. Whatever the situation, there’s always a positive occurrence you can reflect on at the end of each day. When you spend a few minutes each day (for 365 days) to add these reflections to your journal, you deepen their impression on your heart.

Life may be hard, but your face and heart don’t have to become hardened.
Find joy in the smallest of things and lead a more fulfilling, meaningful life through gratitude journaling.