The Essential Oil Whiz Book 2: An Aromatherapy Journal To Track Your Essential Oil Collection & Document Their Benefits And Uses


Are you in search of a nifty, functional journal to keep track of your essential oil collection and document their benefits and uses? Look no further.

The Essential Oil Whiz Book 2 is a guided journal designed for beginner and seasoned essential oil users. For this journal, you have the option to record all the essential oils in your possession and track the following:

  • Name of essential oil
  • Date opened
  • Usage status
  • Expiry date
  • Page on which an overall description of an oil can be found

You also have a wish list section where you can record exotic oils you’d love to add to your collection.
In addition to an inventory tracker and wish list, you have ample space to document the benefits and uses of around 90 different essential oils.

For each essential oil profile, you’ll be able to list:

  • The oil’s aroma
  • Extraction method
  • Main constituents
  • Origin
  • Safety
  • Benefits
  • Uses
  • Perfect blends

If you’re ready for a journal that contains over 200 pages for you to make meaningful notes on your aromatic products, The Essential Oil Whiz Book 2 is a companion to take the journey with.