Grandma’s Recipes - A Recipe Journal to Preserve a Generation of Deliciousness


Good things need to live on, and this includes the delicious recipes you whip up in your kitchen.

It’s time to organize all those recipes passed down from grandma and, perhaps, your mother (or the ones you created) and store them in a recipe journal for safekeeping.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose our recipe journal for all your culinary needs:

  • COOK HEALTHY MEALS: Store a collection of simple, healthy, and mouth-watering meals that are easily accessible. Having our recipe journal can be a life-changer to your family’s way of eating and life.
  • 8.5 X 11” SIZE: A large size book with ample writing room to house those sumptuous recipes you’ll be cooking. No need to scribble directions in odd places.
  • TIME SAVER: With all your delicious recipes in a single location, you know exactly where to go when you need them. No need to search around for loose pages.
  • PRESERVE GENERATIONAL RECIPES: Our recipe journal is a nifty, functional, and simple to use notebook to document all those finger-sucking recipes grandma and your mother passed down.
  • A UNIQUE COOKBOOK: In the habit of creating your special recipes? This is the place to list them! If you’ve come up with your very own recipes that you wish to remember, our recipe journal gives you all the ammunition you need to create a unique cookbook.
  • SHARE RECIPES WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Want to share all the delectable meals you’ve been creating with friends and family? This journal offers a quick, painful way to do so. Friends and family can print copies of the recipes you wish to share with them.