Poised for Positivity


A Guided Journal of Gratitude with Prompts and Poetic Inspirations 

Learn the art of becoming a more positive, happier, and grateful soul by immersing in this interactive journal of gratitude. Both men and women can use the journal.
Here’s what you can expect:

  • Become a Happier Person:

“Poised for Positivity” was designed to strengthen your mental core. When you control the things you think about, you change the narrative. The more you ponder on positive thoughts, the more positive emotions you’ll feel.

  • 90 Days of Guided Prompts:

There’s a unique prompt to look forward to everyday to give you a well-needed start. You get to reflect on all the positives you’ve got going on, so that you can cultivate and nurture healthy thoughts. To get the most from your journal, it’s best to reflect on the guided prompts in the mornings and complete the “grateful for” section in the evenings.

  • ‘Grateful for’ Section:

Select a few occurrences from your day to express gratitude for. According to research, when you focus on positive things, they affect how you feel and view yourself. If you think about all the things you appreciate, this leaves you with positive emotions.

  • Undated Entries:

Although it’s best to use your journal daily, we don’t want you to feel pressured. If you’re unable to make an entry on any given day, no problem. We’ve left the journal undated, so you can enter the day on which an entry is made.

  • Inspiration:

While there are 90 unique prompts to keep you engaged, you’ll find small inspirational ‘sayings’ plastered through the book. The inspirational expressions will have a positive impact on your outlook.

  • Poems:

Do you love poetry? In your “Poised for Positivity” journal, you’ll enjoy up to 13 different short poems. These touch on life and gratitude.

  • Your Week at a Glance:

What’s a book of gratitude if you can’t sum up your emotions for an entire week in a single location? This feature of the journal allows you to express how you feel about the week. This section is best completed at the end of a week to ensure you have everything captured.

Without a qualms, this journal was made for you. Start your journey to better mental (and physical) health, by learning to appreciate what you have. Express gratitude every day.