A True Friend Shows Love at all Times and is a Brother Born for Times of Distress (Proverbs 17:17): Christian Writing Journal with Bible Verses on Each Page


Our Christian writing journals collection is more than mere blank pages on which you scribble thoughts of peace and hope. Our journals are designed to help you reflect each day on a scriptural thought as you use your notebook.

Each page contains a different scripture for you to ponder on. Not only does this draw you closer to the Creator but inspires a deeper love for Biblical truths.

Reading a scripture a day may also infuse positive thoughts and recollection as you immerse in God’s mercy.

Our journals with scripture verses seek to build better bible students, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, and children. God’s word is powerful and there’s no better way to survive the ever-changing scene of this world than to get His thoughts on things.
All Bible verses quoted in our Christian writing journals collection are taken from the American Standard Version for the Holy Scriptures.

Features of Our Christian Writing Journals Collection

  • A BIBLE VERSE ON EACH PAGE (A scripture a day for reading and contemplation)
  • SIZE: 5.5 X 8.5” (small-sized portable notebook to travel with)
  • 102 PAGES (100 scriptures to reflect on daily)
  • GLOSSY COVER DESIGN (Beautiful design to complement beautiful words)